About: Dr. Charles Saunders
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Charles worked at a private economic consulting firm for 11 years, in Ottawa. During this time he built, designed, and coded several economic models. These models were both static and forecasting models, with an Input-Output model at the core of many the models. Charles' time as a model builder required very detailed understanding of both the Canada and US data systems, which he uses in every model he develops.

Charles obtained his PhD in Economics, with a specialization in econometrics, from Carleton University. He holds a Master's degree in Economics, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry.

Published Papers

Khalaf L., and Saunders C., Dynamic Technical Efficiency, In Productivity and Efficiency Analysis, editors: Greene W.H., Khalaf L., Sickles R.C., and Voia M-C, Springer, (2016), pp. 99-107.

Khalaf L. and Saunders C., Monte Carlo Forecast Evaluation with Persistent Data, International Journal of Forecasting, (2017), 33(1), pp. 1-10.

Working Papers:

Saunders C., Space-Time Autoregressive Models, (November 2016).

Saunders C., X-Differencing with Exogenous Regressors, (December 2015).

Saunders C., On Autoregressive Panels with Exogenous Regressors: Invariance, Indirect Inference, and Confidence Sets, (January 2016).

Khalaf L., Kichian M., Saunders C., and Voia M., Dynamic Panels with MIDAS Covariates: Estimation and Fit, (November 2016).