Canadian Input-Output Model

CIOM allows the user to run national impacts, from a diverse set of shock types, and at various levels of detail. National impacts provide a quick method of determining the economic impact, when the regional dimension is of less concern.

Model Input
This page is used to define the impact; in terms of type of shock, value of shock, and shock detail. The type of shocks include: final demand shocks, detailed commodities and services, and specific industry.

Model Review
Review of the impact results is an important part of the impact process. This page displays the model output interms of common economic indicators: gross output, GDP, employment, tax revenue, international imports, and labour income. These economic indicators can be displayed at several different levels of aggregation.

Model Report
Here the user can generate an economic impact analysis PDF Report, and Excel Workbook tables. Several attributes of the Report and Workbook are generated automatically by the model, but these can be changed by the user, specifically the report title, who prepared the report, and for whom the report was generated.

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