Free-Use CRIOM: Input

The Free-Use version of CRIOM limits the types and detail of impacts, however you can see the detailed CRIOM input screen by clicking here.

The actual simulation will take 1-2 minutes and a completed message will appear below the button.

Step 1: Input the value of the impact in dollars (i.e., 10000000 for a 10 million dollar shock).
Impact Value ($):       

Step 2:
Select your CSD, by drilling down from the province to Census-Division to Census-Subdivision.
Census-Division (CD):   
Census-Subdivision (CSD):   

Step 3:
Select a final demand category that will define the type of shock affects the region.
Final Demand Category:   

Enter your email, if you want us to contact you, otherwise leave it as the default below.
User's Email:   

Step 4:
Run the model. Once finished, a link will appear that will take you to the review step, then to the reporting stage.

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