Solutions for Business

Your business' activity and projects need to be understood by a large and diverse audience: shareholders, governments, regulatory boards, and the general public. PolicyModels provides you with the tools to can create your own economic reports for:

  • Your new capital projects
  • Comparison of multiple capital project alternatives
  • Examining the current impact of your plant's activities on the local economy
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Service features:  
  • Subscription-based service:
    • Thin-client solution;
    • No download;
    • No add-ons;
    • Include up to 5 additional users from your department;
    • Low annual cost;
  • Models are entirely a web-based:
    • National, Province, Territory, Census-Division, or Census-Subdivision;
    • Impact types can be simple or intricate depending on the user's experience;
    • Four simple steps:
      • Fill in Input page,
      • Run Model,
      • Review Results, and
      • Generate PDF Report and Excel tables.
    • From start to Report in less than 10 minutes in some cases;
    • Save, load, delete and copy your impacts

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