Solutions for City Projects

Municipalities have the greatest contact with the public, in terms of services and daily activities. So keeping the local residents informed of City Council activities and initiatives is an important process.

PolicyModels helps you get your project information out into the public quicker using CRIOM, a powerful, web-based economic impact analysis tool. CRIOM can help you understand the impact of road, bridge, sewer and water construction projects, at the municipal level.

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Service features:  
  • Subscription-based service:
    • Thin-client solution;
    • No download;
    • No add-ons;
    • Include up to 5 additional users from your department;
    • Low annual cost;
  • Models are entirely a web-based:
    • National, Province, Territory, Census-Division, or Census-Subdivision;
    • Impact types can be simple or intricate depending on the user's experience;
    • Four simple steps:
      • Fill in Input page,
      • Run Model,
      • Review Results, and
      • Generate PDF Report and Excel tables.
    • From start to Report in less than 10 minutes in some cases;
    • Save, load, delete and copy your impacts

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