Solutions for Consultants

PolicyModels' impact models can also be used by consultants. PolicyModels provides a low cost alternative to independent model development, our tools will save you time and money.

PolicyModels is not a consultancy. PolicyModels main objective is to develop economic tools, that are accessible to anyone at a fair price. We do not bid on contracts because we think our time is best spent developing more and better impact analysis tools. PolicyModels is willing to provide support in understanding the model process, from input to PDF Report and Excel tables.

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Service features:  
  • Subscription-based service:
    • Thin-client solution;
    • No download;
    • No add-ons;
    • Include up to 5 additional users from your department;
    • Low annual cost;
  • Models are entirely a web-based:
    • National, Province, Territory, Census-Division, or Census-Subdivision;
    • Impact types can be simple or intricate depending on the user's experience;
    • Four simple steps:
      • Fill in Input page,
      • Run Model,
      • Review Results, and
      • Generate PDF Report and Excel tables.
    • From start to Report in less than 10 minutes in some cases;
    • Save, load, delete and copy your impacts

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